Our Services are reasonably priced, and we work with our customers.

Pre-purchase survey: For vessels 50’ and less, we charge from $20  to $26 per foot, depending on length, age, and vessel’s system complexity, with a minimum of $450.

For vessels over 50 feet, please contact us to discuss.

Limited Condition & Value surveys: Fees range from $18 to $24 per foot, with a minimum charge of $450. The same age and size considerations as for pre-purchase surveys apply.

Condition surveys for owners: Basic rates are the same as for Limited Condition & Value surveys, but as the service is tailored specifically for you, it is best to call us to discuss your survey needs.

Electrical surveys: The electrical survey depends entirely on your vessel’s electrical system’s complexity, age, and installation practices.

We charge $100/hour, with a minimum charge of $200.

Oil and Coolant sample analysis: Oil samples are $62.50 per sample (collected and submitted by us). Coolant analysis is $78.00 per sample.

(10% discount on three or more samples)

Consulting services: This is a bespoke service tailored to your specific needs, typically charged by the hour at $100.00/hour ($800/day)

For our out-of-town customers, our short “look-see” service, for which we charge $150 plus mileage, allows for about 90-minutes of poking around a prospective vessel and includes a brief written summary of our observations and video or photo documentation.

Summary of terms and conditions (see contract for details):

  • The survey report is exclusively for you, your lender, and the insurance company.
  • For all surveys, you get a verbal brief at the end of the day, followed by a comprehensive written report emailed to you in PDF format within four business days after the survey.
  • We require a $200 reservation fee and a signed contract to schedule your survey.
  • We will credit the reservation fee to the final price, and the payment is refundable for cancellations made at least two days before the survey. For a cancellation with less than two days’ notice, the reservation fee is non-refundable, and the client must pay our minimum survey fee of $450.00
  • The survey price includes all expenses other than additional trips or trips beyond our usual territory. We charge mileage at $0.65/mile.
  • Suppose an inspection extends beyond the planned schedule day/s due to no fault of the surveyor. In that case, additional fees will be due at $100.00/hour, with a minimum additional charge of $400, plus overnight or mileage expenses.
  • We prefer cash, check, Zelle or Venmo, and payment-in-full is due on the survey day.
  • If, in the first hour (90 minutes for cruising vessels) of the survey, we find a significant, but till then, unknown issue with the vessel that causes you to stop the inspection, we reduce the agreed survey price to our minimum daily fee of $450.00, or 50% of the quoted price – whichever is less. After this 60/90-minute window, you are liable for the total agreed survey price.

As fellow cruising boat enthusiasts, we understand how much owners invest in their boats.

Trust us with your survey!