CALYPSO SEA Marine Surveyors

…fishing or cruising – we survey them all…

Marine Surveying done right; serving South Georgia, the Florida East Coast and the Tarpon Springs – Punta Gorda area on the West Coast.

Our own boating thing is cruising. So, it might stand to reason that we specialize in surveying only cruising boats.

Not so; we are equally comfortable surveying your Sail Cruiser, Sport-fish, Center Console, or Cruising Trawler!

Our Yacht Surveys and Services

Pre-purchase survey

The pre-purchase survey is the most thorough inspection we perform, and is typically done on behalf of prospective buyers before they finalize the purchase of a boat

Insurance survey

A limited Condition & Value survey, typically used for insurance and financing purposes.

It can also serve as vessel valuation for estate and divorce settlements, and donation of vessels to charities.

Condition survey for owners

This survey is for owners preparing to either sell their boat or plan the next major refit.

We work with the owner to tailor the inspection to meet their specific needs.

Electrical system survey

The Electrical System survey aims to establish the condition of the boat’s electrical system compared to ABYC industry standards.

It can also serve as a design review for major electrical modifications – i.e., changing from Lead Acid batteries to Lithium (LiFePO4), or adding solar to the boat.

Oil & Coolant sample analysis

Engine and transmission oil and coolant analysis through an independent lab. We take the sample/s, send it off to the lab, and when done, we send you the report.

Consulting services

Custom services range from a surveyor’s perspective video walk-through of a potential new boat for out-of-town buyers to system demonstration to design reviews of new or modified systems.



As fellow boating enthusiasts, we understand how much you invest in your vessel.

Trust us with your survey!